Latin America Enterprise Fund Managers L.L.C. is one of the pioneers in managing private equity funds in Latin America with USD 783 million of cumulative committed resources since 1995. LAEFM Colombia Ltda. is a subsidiary of LAEFM and manages funds which invest in priority sectors of the Colombian economy, hydrocarbons and forestry.

Professional Team

John Jairo Santa

John Jairo Santa

(32 years of experience)

Relevant Work Experience

Managing Director, LAEFM Colombia. 24 years with ECOPETROL (national oil company) of which 12 years in various analytical assignments (businesses, financial) within Vice Presidency of Exploration and Production, 7 years managing certain departments of Tibu and Cicuco fields and 5 years in technical matters (field operations, workovers, engineering, drilling and exploration). Consultant with Xijma Ltda (a Colombian engineering company) and with Ziff Energy Group, a Canadian energy consultant.

Higher Education

Petroleum Engineer, Universidad Nacional, Medellin.
Financial Specialty, Universidad Eafit Colombia.