Latin America Enterprise Fund Managers L.L.C. is one of the pioneers in managing private equity funds in Latin America with USD 783 million of cumulative committed resources since 1995 (6 funds). LAEFM Colombia Ltda. is a subsidiary of LAEFM and manages funds which invest in priority sectors of the Colombian economy, hydrocarbons and forestry.

LAEFM Colombia

LAEFM Colombia Ltda. was established in Bogotá on July 6, 2005 to be the Fund Manager of the Colombian Investment in Hydrocarbons Fund (CIHF). The fund consisted of three phases for a total committed resources of USD 350 million.

In addition, LAEFM Colombia is currently the Fund Manager of the Colombian Investment in Forestry Fund with committed resources of USD 26 million.

During this second stage of its development, LAEFM has decided on an investment strategy for its private equity funds that focuses and specializes in specific sectors investing in projects in association with specialized operators. LAEFM´s strategy differs from the majority of other Fund Managers, which tend to invest in companies (both in Colombia and abroad), rather than in projects, in a variety of sectors.

As Fund Manager, the Firm is responsible for identifying, evaluating and negotiating investments in projects, and deciding and negotiating the timing and the method of disinvesting.

LAEFM Colombia is the pioneer in introducing this important type of financing in Colombia and, as such, is an opinion leader for this industry being consulted frequently by other private equity fund managers, investors and the government on various issues related to private equity funds.