Latin America Enterprise Fund Managers L.L.C. is one of the pioneers in managing private equity funds in Latin America with USD 783 million of cumulative committed resources since 1995. LAEFM Colombia Ltda. is a subsidiary of LAEFM and manages funds which invest in priority sectors of the Colombian economy, hydrocarbons and forestry.


Eduardo Elejalde


María Córdoba

Managing Director, Forestry

Alba Másmela

Administrative and Financial Director

José Jaramillo

Managing Director, Hydrocarbons

Nohemí Restrepo

VP, Forestry

Denise Hernandez

VP and Controller

John Jairo Santa

Managing Director, Hydrocarbons

Mabel Rueda

VP, Hydrocarbons

Germán Yury Ojeda

VP, Hydrocarbons

Francisco Castillo


Professional Team